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Energy-saving insulation doors and strip material selection is "top priority"

Date:2011年2月15日 14:03
With the enhancement of the environment protection and energy requirements, many advanced energy-saving products and energy-saving technology has been gradually applied to our construction, energy-saving insulation problem is very important in terms of the building, because of its relationship to the household, and people's lives doors and windows in the house saving system occupies a vital position. At present, China's building energy consumption accounts for more than 27% of total energy consumption society, while energy consumption caused by glass windows and doors accounted for about 40% of building energy consumption, and therefore energy-saving insulation insulated aluminum windows are the best choice.
    As a key component of insulated aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls - insulation strips, also with insulated aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall applications to create a whole new product areas. In short, insulated aluminum that is based on the traditional aluminum one of the original into two sections, and then by the two insulating strip by means of a mechanical complex then separate the two parts together. This use of the nature of the insulation of the decision it must also have high strength and low conductivity, or otherwise cause insulated aluminum windows and doors, curtain wall there are significant quality problems (lack of strength will result from the heat insulated aluminum strip joint fracture), or lose heat significance (high conductivity insulation effect is not guaranteed), so the insulation of the material selection and manufacturing process is very critical.
    The current market is divided into three levels of insulation strips: one imported nylon insulation article (PA66GF); the second is to begin production in 2003 of domestic nylon insulation strips; three domestic PVC insulation strips. There is a huge difference in linear expansion coefficient of the material of which the third level PVC insulation strip and aluminum, as well as their lack of strength, poor resistance to aging caused by the use of reason can not guarantee security, it has been eliminated by the European doors and windows, curtain wall industry . For Nylon + glass fiber (PA66GF) imported insulation material insulation strip strip both domestic and comparison, the difference between the difference is quite obvious.

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