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First, the dealer policy
● marketing purposes
Market-oriented, in good faith, education marketing, winning the principles of the terminal, unity, hard work, courage. Enabling to improve the brand image, steady increase in profits, sustainable development of enterprises.
● regional exclusive operating principle
Headquarters location city according to agents at all levels of economic, transportation geographical size, around the city connection, agents operating capacity, distribution network, etc. are examined to determine the region after the implementation of the sole agency system.
Establish standardized regional exclusive distribution system is to ensure that agents have focused on measures objective and stable profit points. The company implemented the system of exclusive distribution terminal sales, other channels will not be available, unified regulation to avoid price competition, effective protection of the market, so that dealers mettle in the distribution area.
1, municipal distributors: There are strong economic strength, belongs to prefecture-level cities have established Electric Industrial network resources, independent marketing and service team, good operators operating electrical items, or large appliance chain operators.
2, stores / Distributor: a stable customer resources, a good reputation, the shop operating in high-end products and home appliances projects.
● quality assurance, technical support company keep up with market trends, continued research and development, production of differentiated products. Provide excellent quality, beautifully packaged, selling new, affordable, improve the product mix of end products for the agents of the sales market.
● Three protection
1, the regional protection: no cross-reset operation area, without worrying about the phenomenon of these goods.
2, credit protection: strict brand management and services, enhance the reputation of the brand.
3, protection of property rights: exclusive product distribution rights, trademark rights, all products are protected by law.