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Join conditions

1, the local has a good business reputation and business reputation, and to comply with the relevant laws and company rules and regulations, identity Corporation corporate culture and business philosophy.
2, professionalism, promising enthusiastic customer service, there are ambitious ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of innovation. Far-infrared carbon fiber heater has a strong business and brand awareness, with team spirit, with the company to create brand stood concept of sustainable development.
3, with corporate qualifications, a fixed registration of industrial and commercial office space, and office space must be established in the capital city or the province developed important cities.
4, joined by the regional health care market have a more comprehensive understanding and experience in health care products from more than three years. More comprehensive sales network and adequate operating funds;
5, with high-quality marketing team, and improve after-sales service personnel security and integrity of the management team;
6, to actively cooperate with the Corporation unified market operation, accept the management and guidance of the headquarters and timely market information feedback to Headquarters.
7, willing to accept the standard training company. Can according to the company demanding the implementation of brand standards, agents and terminal preferential price.