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Powerful platform for professional headquarters support staff of professional online marketing customer service staff to provide better service
1, the brand of the service: Wintong is a standardized brand aluminum products to market long-term operation of the service;
2, Wintong, cost-effective aluminum products, full range, fashion models, to meet individual needs;
3, "four reunification" - "character identification consistent, unified VI manual, uniform clothing, uniform training";
4, a decoration for the shop drawings, shop for the decoration for the guidance;
5, full staff training system that can learn quickly and effectively, the cumulative management experience;
6, the implementation of standardized management model shop, develop a set of effective marketing system, the actual situation in different regions to be adjusted to achieve the maximum benefit;
7, media advertising and advertising samples: corporate advertisements in various media, reports and other sample issues;
8 Journal of the enterprise: the franchisee will also receive regular business founded by the "character" newspaper, the newspaper will industry, enterprise development, excellent franchisee classic cases, new areas such as sustainable public notice;
9, being their own boss but not alone, there is strong backing to do head office, the boss can develop their style, but also greatly reduces the risk of starting a business.