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Business advantage


1. Buyers conduct: insight into the market, grasp the market; in order to be sold into the quality and quantity; reduce costs and improve efficiency; discipline and law-abiding, self-discipline bidet.
2. Marketers conduct: knowledge of the market, the customer first; familiarity breeds expand sales; financial security, improve profits; sensitive information, timely feedback; the overall situation, communication and collaboration; law-abiding, standardized operation.
3. Customer's conduct: hospitality, responsive; proficient varieties, familiar with the process; skilled operation and accurate; the implementation of the decision, the service globally.
4. Storage by the Code of Conduct: Category laying, standardized operation; capacity tidy, careful conservation; valid for clear, FIFO; accounts match the reality, accuracy; timely delivery of services in place; regulatory compliance, to ensure safety.
5. Retailers conduct: Familiar merchandise, good business; customer first, courteous service; quality control, price accurately; shop tidy, polite.
6. Supervision by the Code of Conduct: grasp the policy, regulatory compliance; strictly factual, eliminate fake and shoddy; tracking quality, information flow; overall supervision, adhere to the principle.
7. Manufacturer conduct: strict process, standardized operation; excellence, ensuring quality; reduce costs and increase efficiency; develop new products, open up the market.
8. Financial Behavior norms: law-abiding, principled; data real strong sense of responsibility; budget accounts, strong accuracy; financial analysis, and predictability.
9. Information officer conduct: timely upgrade information systems, to ensure network uptime, maintain accurate data security, adherence to business secrets.
10. Administrative Behavior specification: logistics, service line; the property is clear, as a good housekeeper; issued on the situation, government decrees; by chapter operations, to ensure safety.