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Prospect of China's aluminum production and management situation of 2011

2011 is the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, has 30 years of reform and opening up, China's aluminum industry has been booming. Product mix has been the main construction material, with the continuous improvement of China's industrial level and scale of industrial wood production has increased year by year. In car manufacturing, rail transport, electricity, machinery and equipment manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, the demand for aluminum is increasing rapidly, new products, new processes, new uses for aluminum emerging, to promote technological progress and sustained and healthy development of the industry. Decade reason of 1.72 million tons in 2001 to 10 million tons in 2010, a CAGR of 20 percent. Ranked first on aluminum output and total consumption. 2010 exports of 700,000 tons of aluminum. "Twelve Five-Year" period China's exports will remain stable development trend.
    New Features of China's aluminum industry development, "second five" mainly in the following aspects:
    First: China's aluminum extrusion industry is still in an advanced stage of large-scale epitaxial growth from the construction project scale, in particular in 2011-2013, aluminum extrusion production capacity is still not a small increase. This is because the current product homogeneity resulting in fierce competition in the market caused. In order to compete with low-cost means to market, companies often take large-scale production, the purpose is diluted cost, for which companies have the equipment, increase production capacity. This lack of competition means the difference between, for aluminum extrusion in a mature industry, the work will not be too obvious, so that large-scale epitaxial growth trend in the "five" plan should reflect the weaker towards late .
    Second: aluminum extrusions product structure adjustment will be significant. This adjustment is reflected in architectural aluminum adjustment between species; with aluminum and industrial aluminum adjustment between the buildings. Broken Bridge insulation will be replaced by energy-saving aluminum construction. Architectural aluminum and industrial aluminum between adjustment is inevitable. Although the "five-second" planning period, the state still proceed western development, still accelerate urban construction, but aluminum incremental market than the previous national infrastructure to build housing for the needs of the market represented much smaller From this perspective, architectural aluminum in absolute glut. There are currently more than 70% of aluminum extrusion products targeted at the construction project is industrial aluminum, listed companies to raise funds in the construction of industrial aluminum project is close to 100%, aluminum extrusion industry practice also illustrates the aluminum extrusion Pressure adjustment of product structure trend.
    Third: the mode of operation, aluminum extrusion companies to shift from content-type epitaxial Incremental value. Products should extend deep processing of ideas and the development of the industrial profile processing.
    "Twelve Five" period, which is expected to occur aluminum hot market: One Housing construction of the bridge, aluminum energy-saving insulation, photovoltaic curtain wall aluminum market; second, new renewable energy industry, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy use aluminum extrusion market; third is transportation vehicles manufacturing aluminum extrusions market; Fourth, power grid construction of aluminum extrusion market.
    In the field of building profiles. Building profiles has been closely linked to the construction industry as well as the process of urbanization. With economic development, to 2009, China's urban population has reached 622 million people, the urbanization rate increased to 46.6%. Expected in 2015, China's urbanization level will exceed 50%.
   With the field of industrial timber. The country is the high proportion of building profiles, while a higher proportion of foreign industry profiles. Industrial profiles often technically difficult, but also high value-added products. From the applications point of view, the construction industry is still the main application areas of aluminum consumption rising year by year.
    Chinese aluminum consumption in the industrial sector accounted for 32 percent of the world only with the economic development and improve the level of industrial technology, aluminum consumption in the industrial sector has great potential. The proportion of industrial aluminum consumption is expected in 2015 will reach 45-50%, according to the relevant government planning our next 10 years, the industrial aluminum aluminum accounts for the proportion of total consumption will be close to 70%.
    In terms of automotive aluminum. According to statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2010 China's automobile production and sales is expected to reach 17 million, to reach annual peak levels of the global automotive industry.
    Automobile production and sales growth for the aluminum market has a positive role in boosting per vehicle on average 100 kg calculated using aluminum products, aluminum products consumption in 2009 to more than 1.3 million tons. Thus, with the rapid development of China's automotive industry and automotive aluminum amount increases, it is bound to provide a vast market to include aluminum, including aluminum industry.
    In trains and urban rail transport with aluminum aspect. November 22, 2009, the Ministry of Railways officially announced the "long-term railway network plan," the latest adjustment programs. China's total investment in railway construction scale of 12 years will exceed 5 trillion yuan, will add more than 40,000 km of railway operating mileage. By 2020, China's more than 250 kilometers per hour in railway mileage will reach 16,000 km. According to the plan, passenger line trains will reach 200 km per hour or more. Because aluminum body with a lightweight, sealing, corrosion resistance, higher performance, more than 200 kilometers per hour also has the absolute advantage on the high-speed train body. The whole body of aluminum per vehicle on average with about 10 tons, of which more than 90% of large hollow aluminum section.
    In the rail transport sector, according to the latest national planning approval and, at present the country has 28 subway construction plan approved megacities. 2010 China will build a subway 480 years, in 2020 the total mileage will reach 6100 km. With 10 cars per kilometer basis, each car takes an average of three tons of aluminum, which alone will add more than 150,000 tons of aluminum demand.
    Furthermore, since the characteristics of lightweight aluminum, aerospace is the most used raw material. As China's manned space and large aircraft, regional aircraft research and development production, the amount of aluminum in the aerospace field will also continue to grow.
    In terms of consumer durables industry. Demand for consumer durables in the field of aluminum products mainly in household appliances, household appliances in recent years, increasing the amount of aluminum has become a trend. 2006--2009 Aluminium demand in the domestic appliance industry, with an average annual growth rate of 35%.
    In product trends, the current is moving a large section of aluminum, thin wall thickness, high dimensional accuracy, complex sections and attractive appearance direction. In order to produce these products, many large extruder also been put into use. High-speed trains such as aluminum, CRH2, CRH3, CRH5 EMU body are aluminum extrusions. Mechanical properties and a large section of the hollow section cross-section aluminum alloy extrusion material body, there are strict requirements, and to be able to squeeze into a variety of complex large cross-section material. Domestic manufacturers generally use more than 600 tons extruder to produce.
    With China's sustained, rapid and healthy development, aluminum demand will be increasing, while the level of equipment and technology will also be more advanced, I believe that the Chinese aluminum products will have more room for development. With the implementation of the "non-ferrous metals industry restructuring and revitalization plan", high-value-added products and technological innovation will become increasingly important, with the integration of industrial chain, China's aluminum industry will be more fast, high-quality development.

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